Reducing waste starts with NRT
To organise your waste processing and recycling process effectively, shredding residual waste is often a first and important step. Plastic, rubber, wood, industrial waste, demolition material, chemical and digital waste or waste from the food industry. By shredding residual products first, processing and transport becomes much easier and cheaper.


For diverse residual products

NRT offers a wide range of customised shredders and shedders for the most diverse application areas. From small to large, stationary or mobile. Compact, easy to operate and maintenance-friendly.

NRT supplies among other things:

  • Waste shredder
  • Plastic shredders
  • Shredders for wood
  • Cardboard shredders
  • Shredders for the food industry
  • HDD shredder

From data shredders to multifunctional shredding plants

Tailor-made, easy to operate and maintenance-friendly
NRT has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of shredders. Together with our knowledge partners and suppliers, we develop and supply customised shredders for all possible residual products. In innovative ways, we use sustainable techniques that ensure affordable, reliable and effective shredding solutions.

Data and archive shredding

We help you find the right data and archive shredders and supply techniques that reduce the size in accordance with DIN 66399.

  • Brand-independent
  • DIN-66399
  • > 100 years of combined knowledge
Looking for a customised shredder for your waste or waste processing plant?