Waste processing and waste management applications

Get more out of your waste stream
Whether it is domestic waste, construction waste, industrial or medical waste, NRT has the technical solutions to separate, sort, reduce, recycle and process all possible waste streams into new energy.

By organising waste processing smartly and efficiently, waste is no longer primarily a source of pollution and a threat to our environment and public health. With the right technical partners, we separate and reduce your waste streams, gain re-usable raw materials and produce (bio) energy.

“We feel in our element at NRT when we are presented with questions for which no solution yet exists.
By combining existing knowledge and techniques in new ways, we provide appropriate and effective
solutions to very diverse waste issues.”

From waste to new raw materials and energy

From waste to energy
There are countless ways to convert waste into energy. The process always starts with separating waste into valuable raw materials and residual waste.

Energy is recovered by converting the high-energy parts of the residual flow into heat. With innovative techniques, we ensure less harmful emissions as a favourable alternative to fossil fuels such as oil and gas.

From HDD shredders to complete multifunctional shredder installations, NRT has extensive knowledge and experience and a wide range of possible applications for shredders.

As a specialist in shredding, we know better than anyone how important it is to shred waste effectively, as part of waste recycling.

NRT does this in a functional, sustainable and affordable way.

Sorting and separating waste
One of the most important steps in the waste management process is the careful separation and sorting of waste. Particularly the sorting of specific components and raw materials requires the right knowledge and technology.

NRT has the knowledge and experience to develop and build effective and practical waste separation and waste sorting systems.

Biofermentation – or the conversion of biomass such as organic waste, manure, roadside grass or sludge into biogas – plays an important role in the energy transition. With the right know-how and technology, NRT develops and builds appropriate plants in the field of batch fermentation, co-fermentation, manure fermentation and sludge fermentation. We then provide the knowledge to use tailor-made cogeneration to convert the biogas produced into heat, electricity and green gas, among other things.
Waste recycling
A healthy future requires sustainable waste solutions. That makes recycling as much waste as possible more important than ever.

NRT contributes to this by thinking along with our clients about sustainable and practical ways of recycling waste to the maximum. By applying existing knowledge and technology creatively, your waste will soon be more profitable than you might have thought.

Transport & Storage
As part of a complete waste concept or as a separate demand, NRT offers extensive possibilities for collecting, separating, storing and transporting waste by road and water.

In both storage and transport – whether or not on your own company premises – we ensure optimum waste packaging and safety.


Guaranteed safe, responsible and sustainable processing of waste flows.

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