NRT, when a standard approach does not solve your waste issues
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Waste processing and management

Unique customised solutions for companies and governments
Waste processing and management is becoming increasingly complex. As a result, standard solutions do not always sufficiently help your organisation. NRT therefore offers large and small businesses, public authorities and other organisations unique tailor-made solutions to the most diverse complex waste issues.

Whether you are dealing with digital waste, chemical or medical waste, construction and demolition waste or household waste, NRT facilitates the technical solutions and waste installations from start to finish, in order to organise your waste processing and waste management effectively. Together with our knowledge partners we supply maintenance, technical parts, complete recycling machines and turnkey waste treatment plants.

Waste processing and management

For a wide range of complex waste issues
Nowadays, there are countless methods and solutions available for waste processing and waste management. That is a positive sign, but NRT is effective precisely in its reversed approach: not the technical solutions that are already available, but your specific problem is our starting point.
A team of specialists for each issue
Are the specific bottlenecks, wishes and objectives of your organisation clear? Then we take these as a starting point and combine the knowledge and experience of various waste experts. This way, we guarantee to work with the best specialist(s) on every assignment, to effectively solve your waste problem.

Tailor-made in waste

Solutions in the field of:

  • Waste to energy
  • Biogasification
  • Shredding
  • Recycling solutions
  • Separation & sorting
  • Incineration
  • Transport solutions

Proven technical solutions

Innovative – Affordable – Sustainable
NRT offers workable, affordable and sustainable customised solutions.

With innovative processing techniques that suit your business activities, specific wishes and needs. That is how we achieve adequate, effective and responsible waste management.

About NRT

From maintenance to complete waste processing installations
For over 35 years NRT has been providing customised solutions for sustainable waste management and waste processing. In this way we make an important contribution to less waste, more re-use of raw materials, substantial cost savings for our clients and cleaner living and working environments for everyone.

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